Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A Shout From Seattle - Zack Arias' Conversation With Chase Jarvis

I would like to humbly say that I am proud to have met, gotten to know & assisted (local assistant in Dubai's Gulf Photo Plus 2010) Zack Arias. I met him last year at Gulf Photo Plus 2009.

Zack Arias (of the One Light Workshop fame) is a wonderful person and has an unlimited well of street knowledge of photography. While, I'm sure he doesn't know it all (and who does???), he is one of the best teachers I've encountered in my photographic journey to date. If I would say that I aspire to be him, I would be doing injustice to what he is about. I will then say this, I wish to only emulate his thinking; share his zest for photography; stand out like he does THROUGH his work.

More after the teleport....

His One Light 'bio' tells his story better than I ever could!

To top ALL OF THAT - HE SO FUNNY!  The stuff he spits out; his knee jerk reactions, responses & "sayings" are just hilarious.

Dubollars = Dirhams (or Dubai Dollars) is the one that I remember the most.
My Shawarma (My Sharona) = Shawarma is a local (Middle Eastern) sandwich/roll filled with meat
There are a few in particular I choose not to repeat here!! ;)

He recently completed a Studio Lighting class that was broadcast live over the internet from CreativeLIVE studios. Much like his standard approach to teaching, he was humble, down to earth, informative and ensured that questions were answered, no matter how trivial it seemed.  The workshop was a hit as anticipated and was viewed globally.  People participated, asking questions about studio lighting, modifiers, strobes & flashes, shooting & setup logic all via a chat room and Twitter.  Zack had also awarded a few lucky people seats to his 3-day session to sit in as live audience.  Amazing session!!


Zack's wife Meghan Arias was also there along with their son Hawke Danger Arias (Yes! Danger IS his middle name).  Meghan is a wonderful singer (an artsy fartsy family indeed!).  During the break, on the 3rd day, they played Meghan's album "Songs To Sail By".  Like I mentioned on Twitter; her music is hauntingly beautiful.  Check it out on iTunes under "Meghan Coffee"

Other cool people I met through Zack:
Dan Depew - Zack's Studio Manager @ Used Film Studio
Erik Dixon - Zack's former assistant - now a fulltime independent photographer

Anyways, prior to this innovative, revolutionary & trend setting workshop, Zack was interviewed by another brilliant photographer, Chase Jarvis, at his studio in Seattle on his story, philosophy and general outlook on life & photography.  This too was broadcast live over the internet.

Below is the interview posted by Chase Jarvis:

I was tuned in to this interview live on the web and was tweeting away to kingdom come, generally griping about the fact that I was not able to hear sound from the broadcast.  Around 1:06:41 into the interview.....Zack decides to give me a shout.  All I remember of the time my name was mentioned is that I smiled a 'warm fuzzy' smile to myself.  I felt honoured to be mentioned by Zack.

ZACK....If you need help with Used Film Dubai, let me know!!!

I will soon be posting some pictures of Zack, Meghan, Hawke, Dan  & Eric from their previous visit/s to Dubai.  Stay tuned!!



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