Monday, 28 June 2010

Gulf Photo Plus 2010 (Shootout In Dubai) - Zack Arias, David (Strobist) Hobby & Joey Lawrence

Here are some pictures I took at this year's Gulf Photo Plus event held in Dubai (2010). 

I know that this post comes way (way) after the event, but I thought I'd put it up just the same. Actually, I just got 'round to getting some down time here in Dubai. All images were taken without the use of flash and at high forgive my grainyness!

More pictures after the jump.....

 Vincent LaForet Addressing The Audience
 David "The Strobist" Hobby At The Start Of The Shootout
Vincent Laforet, Robin Nichols & Chris Hurtt
 Enter The Zackdon!!
 Joe McNally, Other Instructors & The Audience
 (L to R) Meghan Arias, Zack Arias, Hawke Danger Arias, David Hobby & A Student  OK...Now, It's Joey L's Turn On The Spit
And now for the video put together by the good folks at Gulf Photo Plus:

The gulf photo plus 2010 shoot-out from gulf photo plus on Vimeo.

If you see a guy in a black bandana & brown shirt....well that's me floating around.



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  1. He had great time this year too at the GPP 2011. See you in 2012 !