Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Phottix Atlas (Wireless Radio Triggers) LAUNCHED !!!

Hello Everybody,

Just a quick update to my 3 part review of the PHOTTIX ATLAS wireless radio trigger.....They are now officially LAUNCHED.

Update: Also please take a look at Taiwan based Craig Ferguon's video review of the Atlas.

Take a look at this challenger to the gods (Atlas of Greek Mythology) where in this case the GODS are PocketWizard.

This is indeed good news for all photographers.


NOTE: This is mainly to all my photographer readers/viewers/commentators across theglobe.  I am not able to access flickr, here in Dubai.  It is deemed by the local authorities in the United Arab Emirates to fall under the "Prohibited Content Category".  I was earlier able to do so, but for now am not.  Therefore I cannot access, see images and/or even post the site.  Anyone with suggested (ahem, ahem) work arounds....please sound off.  I have tried 'H.tSp.tshi.ld'.

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