Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Phottix Atlas (Update): Go For Launch!

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Firstly I need to thank a few of my inspirations....mainly on account of them opening my eyes to off camera flash techniques....
Joe McNally
The Strobist (aka David Hobby)
Zack 'One Light' Arias
Gulf Photo Plus (I am where I am because of you)!

I hope you all check out the links above.  Great source of inspiration, resources and instruction!

NOW...to move on....
As you know, I recently reviewed (part 1, part 2 & part 3) the Phottix Atlas & compared it to the PocketWizard Plus II.

In my second post, under 'CONS & QUIRKS', I mention:
"Random triggering of the speedlite (on its own) causing the flash to go off..."

Well, this was noted by the good folks at Phottix and informed me (shortly before the official launch) that this issue was rectified and the current product was shipping with this issue resolved.  I therefore purchased 4 units of the (new) Phottix Atlas.

The package arrived late June, 2010.

More....(pictures of the desert around Dubai if you want to see it)... POST JUMPUS .....