Monday, 28 June 2010

Gulf Photo Plus 2010 (Shootout In Dubai) - Zack Arias, David (Strobist) Hobby & Joey Lawrence

Here are some pictures I took at this year's Gulf Photo Plus event held in Dubai (2010). 

I know that this post comes way (way) after the event, but I thought I'd put it up just the same. Actually, I just got 'round to getting some down time here in Dubai. All images were taken without the use of flash and at high forgive my grainyness!

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Zack Arias Pictures From Gulf Photo Plus In Dubai

As mentioned in an earlier post, below are some pictures of Zack Arias from his 2 (2009 & 2010) visits to Dubai's Gulf Photo Plus:

Zack @ one of his workshops

Engage Hyperdrive.....

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Phottix Atlas (Wireless Radio Triggers) LAUNCHED !!!

Hello Everybody,

Just a quick update to my 3 part review of the PHOTTIX ATLAS wireless radio trigger.....They are now officially LAUNCHED.

Update: Also please take a look at Taiwan based Craig Ferguon's video review of the Atlas.

Take a look at this challenger to the gods (Atlas of Greek Mythology) where in this case the GODS are PocketWizard.

This is indeed good news for all photographers.


NOTE: This is mainly to all my photographer readers/viewers/commentators across theglobe.  I am not able to access flickr, here in Dubai.  It is deemed by the local authorities in the United Arab Emirates to fall under the "Prohibited Content Category".  I was earlier able to do so, but for now am not.  Therefore I cannot access, see images and/or even post the site.  Anyone with suggested (ahem, ahem) work arounds....please sound off.  I have tried 'H.tSp.tshi.ld'.

A Shout From Seattle - Zack Arias' Conversation With Chase Jarvis

I would like to humbly say that I am proud to have met, gotten to know & assisted (local assistant in Dubai's Gulf Photo Plus 2010) Zack Arias. I met him last year at Gulf Photo Plus 2009.

Zack Arias (of the One Light Workshop fame) is a wonderful person and has an unlimited well of street knowledge of photography. While, I'm sure he doesn't know it all (and who does???), he is one of the best teachers I've encountered in my photographic journey to date. If I would say that I aspire to be him, I would be doing injustice to what he is about. I will then say this, I wish to only emulate his thinking; share his zest for photography; stand out like he does THROUGH his work.

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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Clash Of The Titans - Phottix Atlas vs PocketWizard Plus II (Long Range Testing) - Part 3 of 3)

This is Part 3/3 of my review of the Phottix Atlas and it's comparison to the PocketWizard Plus II...

Check out Post 1/3 (Introduction To Phottix Atlas)
Check out Post 2/3 (Product Showcase & Short Range Testing)
Check out Post On The Update (Random Triggering Fixed) it has been longer than anticipated to post the final part of this review as I had a roll of assignments here in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

I actually got the opportunity to cover the launch of the Ferrari California at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi...sorry, I feel that I am allowed a little bit of excitement over this lovely car.  I also covered an exhibition (Automechanika) for AC Delco at the Dubai World Trade Centre, a friend's family portraits and a 'soon to be open' hotel in Abu Dhabi.  The reason I mention all of them is on account of me using the Phottix Atlas for all of them as my primary wireless radio triggers.  I say primary because on the Ferrari & hotel job I had to use my PocketWizards for additional strobes. More after the jump....