Sunday, 22 May 2011

2011 Mitsubishi Galloper 3.8 GLS: My Shiny New Horse!

Hi Folks!

Just wanted to post a picture of my new ride.  I am really proud of this new car.  This is the first vehicle the I drove out of the showroom back in February, 2011.  Why do I call it my 'New Horse'?  Well, my old vehicle is a Hyundai Galloper.  While I love my new car and enjoy the comforts and luxuries it affords me, I miss the rough, rugged and beaten up Galloper.  That car has taken me to hell and back...and is still running.  What did I do with it?  Well, my wife is driving it around now!

Check out my strobist style pic...featuring - Moi! after the jump....

Anyways, I took this photo while testing out some new gear in photography.  While playing around, I thought I'd run in an take my own picture.  So, here it is:

Strobist Info:

Picture of the setup:

2 580 EX IIs camera right
2 480 EX's camera left
Flashes fired ETTL
Shot with 1D Mark III & 70-200 1:2.8 L IS USM on a tripod
Exposure was 10seconds @ 150mm, Manual, ISO200, f8
Taken at 8:02 pm 21st May, 2011 (YES, it was pretty dark while I was shooting)

Temperature: 36 Deg Celsius ( even at night)
Location: Sharjah (near the Dubai Bypass Road), U.A.E.

Here is the original Image (cropped):

Post Production:
Slight Decrease In Exposure
Slight Highlight Recovery
Slight Increase In Brightness
Increased Contrast
Increased Sharpness (as I was not properly in focus, since I ran and barely made it to the car)
Changed colour of sky (desaturated and aded purple-ish hue - original was orange from the tungsten lights you see in the background)
Cropped to panoramic

What do you think?

Let me know

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