Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Strobist Boot Camp II - Assignment 1 (The Head Shot) it's on!

The first Strobist Boot Camp II assignment is up on the Strobist website. A simple head shot along with a self portrait taken in the same setting (rules apply). Access the site for more details.

Winner gets:

• One Speedlight Pro Kit (more info)

• One Strobist Lighting Seminar 8-DVD boxed set (more info)

• One set of Strobist Trade Secret Cards (more info)

Deadline is June 23, 2009 (your local time)

By the way...for all you folks registering in the UAE (or anywhere else where flickr is banned), please take a look at the following link to Access Flickr! 1.11.

Hope to see your pictures there!!!



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