Saturday, 14 March 2009

An Addition To My Cap

I have decided to add modeling and fashion photography to the list of my abilities as I am gaining confidence and experience in this area. The initial reason that I got into photography was because I loved taking candid photographs of people in a wide variety of situations. Back in the day, I used a simple point-and-shoot (PNS) and the results were interesting and people liked the results.As soon as I took up photography as a profession (around 2005), I found that these simple pleasures were not as easy as it was with aPNS camera. The main reason being personal friends and family didn't and wouldn't care about the quality of the picture. In a professional environment, you have to look at where the focus is, wonder if the lighting is adequet for the scene or subject, if the model is properly covered, is the angle and expression the best, etc etc. The more you leave things to chance, the more you end up either re-shooting or spending dumbening (is that a word) number of hours on the computer trying to fix flaws.

I am in the process of uploading new model/fashion related images into my gallery on the website. I should have the 'People' section updated within this week. Please take a look at the pictures and welcome any constructive criticism to help improve my results. I have received a few comments on previous images but neglected to approve them in time. I hope to keep this in check from now on.



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